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Okaf Mobile Sentry Surveillance Trailer System for Smart Site monitoring


Product Detail

Product composition

OK-PR05-AI mainly integrates high-performance GPU module, embedded deep learning algorithm, integrates IPC access, lifting system, 4G transmission system, storage, management, control and intelligent analysis to achieve helmet + Fireworks detection and other AI empowerment, real-time video for real-time identification and detection of workers' helmets and smoke and flames on the construction site, dangerous behaviors such as not wearing helmets and smoking on the construction site, as well as smoke and flames,The behavior and phenomena of the construction site can be monitored and alerted in real time. The alarm videos and screen shots can be displayed on the client. The audio and speakers can be deployed on the site to give alarm prompts. The remote command center can realize the bullet-screen alarm, which can also be based on the user's needs. Push the alarm information to the relevant management personnel to assist the management personnel in safe production management. Backstage can be called remotely.Easy installation, simple operation and integrated design, flexible body, with dragging tires, easy to arm and move; integrated telescopic bracket for easy fixing; monitoring rod can be lifted and lowered, equipped with high-definition 360° rotating camera; support Wi-Fi/3G/ 4G wireless network signal transmission; comes with a cover-type display for easy local viewing; built-in 1 set of batteries, can last 24H (according to battery size); customized features, support for flow control, temperature and humidity monitoring, dust monitoring and other functions.


Product front-end features:

★ Mobile station forensics system integrates video, lifting, control, storage and display into an integrated design;

★ The camera adopts 360 degree rotation, 20 times 2 million (1920*1080P) HD camera, infrared 80 meters,

★ Lifting rod supports 3-8 meters custom, aluminum alloy; T6 treatment, wind resistance level 8;

★ Support 16-channel high-definition video, military-grade anti-shock treatment, support IP67 waterproof;

★ 15-inch high-definition display;

★Multi-energy supply, 4*90 (total power consumption 360 watts) watts of solar power supply, can achieve all-weather uninterrupted work;

★ Solar energy adopts collapsible portable rapid deployment mode;

★ Support 4G/WIFI/self-organized network wireless transmission, 4G uses private network transmission, more secure;

★ Built-in GPS / BD module positioning;

★ Built-in 4T hard disk, up to 40 days of recording time;

★ Support 8 channel alarm input (1 channel analog + 7 channel IO alarm input), 2 independent alarm outputs;

★ Support wireless remote call and intercom command;

★ Integrated air pump and control system are designed as one body to control the lifting, lowering and pan/tilt rotation of the lifting rod;

★ Built-in high-performance air pump, support for the relief valve and air pressure control, automatic stop function;

★ Support wireless control and RS485 control lifting rod and HD ball machine;

★ Standard wireless remote control has the lifting and lowering of the lifting rod and the shortcut operation buttons of the pan/tilt

★ Provide RS48 control output signal, convenient for close-range and remote device control.

★ Communication baud rate: 1200 bps ~ 9600 bps; protocol: Pelco_P, Pelco_D protocol, 256 address codes;

★ Powerful battery life, 1*400AH lithium battery, one charge, the system can run for 5-7 days

★ 4 wheels with brake system, and 3 sets of safety support feet to prevent tilting.

★Customized mobile monitoring command platform, support computer client, IE and mobile APP viewing and control, support multi-screen real-time preview of command center, image capture capture, main sub-stream switching display, instant playback. 4G, WIFI and LTN multiple signal transmission modes, data transmission is safe and smooth

★ Supports intelligent detection of area intrusion detection, cross-border detection, motion detection, etc.

★ Support manual tracking, panoramic tracking, event tracking, and support multi-scene cruise tracking

★ Support license plate capture and retrieval, mixed detection, multi-scene cruise detection, cloud storage service.

★Support GB28181 agreement, support Hikvision and other platforms

★ Highly expandable, multi-functional installation platform, can increase body temperature sensor, temperature and humidity, PM2.5, noise, air, vibration sensor, audible alarm, car lock, etc. according to demand, to ensure system security

Back-end storage, AI intelligent analysis system:

1. Hard hat + pyrotechnic detection and other AI empowerment

2. Local real-time video and voice recording;

3. Support 4G, 5G real-time remote viewing and playback, GPS positioning;

4. Support preview, storage and playback of 4K HD network video.

5. Support the same screen preview, which can display the monitoring screen and alarm information on the same screen.

6. Support visual file management, view historical video files and picture files in seconds.

7. Support a variety of intelligent detection, such as helmet detection + pyrotechnic detection.

8. Video supports GB28181 protocol, supports platforms such as Hikvision

9. Strong system management capabilities

10. Mobile performance meets the work needs of any place

11. Text scheduling and LED text prompts

12. WIFI automatically downloads data functions, can transfer images back to the command center via WIFI or 4G, can view videos, play back videos, etc. through mobile phone or computer.

Product parameters

Camera parameters





Frame rate

25/30 fps

Audio and video frequency compression


A multiple

20 times (2 pieces)

Rotation speed

Horizontal preset speed

Horizontal up and down Angle

360° left and right, +0° ~ -90° up and down

Infrared distance

80 meters

The network interface

RJ45 10Base-T/100Base-TX PoE(IEEE802.3af)

Audio mode

External active microphone or linear input, linear output

Network protocol


Double stream


Intelligent analysis

General behavior analysis, personnel retention test, safety helmet test, abnormal number test, departure test (one of them can be selected each time)

1 way, 9 kinds of general behavior analysis

1 road personnel detention test

1 way safety helmet test

4 abnormal number detection

4. Exit inspection

Docking platform

Support GB28181 agreement and haikang platform

Compressed format

G.711 compressed format, speed 8KB/s

Alarm output

2 way switch output, linkage sound and light alarm, oil off and power off, etc

Wireless transmission

Support built-in 3G wireless transmission function, WCDMA, CDMA2000, td-scdma compatible GPRS, EDGE;

Built-in 4G wireless transmission function, tdd-lte, fdd-lte


Built-in GPS/BD module is supported, which can be reported to the ministry standard platform

The hard disk

Support large capacity 2.5 inch hard disk (maximum 2T)

Standby time

200AH, 24 hours (according to customer requirements)

The power supply

Support power input

The solar energy


Lifting height

3.5m (customized according to customer requirements)

The wind resistance

Force 8 wind works normally force 12 wind does not damage

Work in low temperature


High temperature work

65 degrees

Wet degree

Less than 90% (temperature: 25°)

Drench the rain

Intensity 6mm/min duration is 1h


Arbitrary height self - lock no - time growth of height phenomenon