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Vehicle PTZ Camera IP66 High-speed Defogging Defrosting Night Vision 100~120


Product Detail

Product features:

1. The first independent defogging and defrosting module in China, which can truly solve the fogging of camera cabin lens caused by temperature difference in outdoor environment

2. High quality heating parts are selected in the camera warehouse, so that the whole front and back of the warehouse can work together to form an effective pattern of anti-fog and defrosting

3. Adopt the integrated structure of the upper and lower spindles, so that the camera cabinet and infrared cabinet will not be dislocation due to turbulence

4. The original voltage stabilizing module is equipped in a standard way to filter the transient unstable current of the vehicle and keep the cradle head in a stable state

5. high-speed rotation is smoother, and low-speed rotation has no jitter

5. Ultra high strength aluminum alloy design, protection grade IP66

6. The resolution of infrared night vision supplementary light is 100m

7. No dead Angle monitoring of PTZ camera

Infrared device:

Using imported array infrared lamp, with multiple sets of angles, the service life can reach 30000 hours, and the night vision distance is 100-120 meters

Network hd:

The cradle head supports the mainstream millions of digital hd integrated movement and hd SENSOR to achieve hd image acquisition, compatible with the mainstream hd platform and seamless butt joint, the highest support 1080P output, support double code stream and hd snapshot, support IE browsing


The product application:

110 police car mobile law enforcement/fire emergency command /120 emergency command system/highway patrol mobile patrol/urban management law enforcement/special vehicle mobile inspection


Technical parameters:

Performance of cradle head:

Horizontal preset bit speed


Vertical preset bit speed


Horizontal manual control speed


Vertical manual control speed


Horizontal Angle

360 ° unlimited rotation

The vertical Angle


Preset bit accuracy


Preset point

256 preset positions and 8 inspection tracks

The function of windscreen wiper


Infrared distance

Two sets of night vision lenses for 100 meters

The control mode

RS485, built-in PELCO D/P protocol, optional baud rate from 2400Bps to 19200Bps

Relative humidity

Less than 90%

Protection grade


Working temperature


The power consumption


Impact resistance requirement


The function of windscreen wiper



Multiple installation options are available depending on the application environment



Network parameters:

Video compression standard


Compressed output bit rate


Audio compression standard

G.722.1、G.711-a law、G.711-u law、MP2L2、G.726、AAC、PCM

Storage capabilities

Support micro SD

Intelligent alarm

Motion detection, occlusion alarm, memory full, memory error, audio anomaly detection, overstep detection, area intrusion detection

Support agreement


Common functions

Double stream, heartbeat, password protection


Dimension drawing:(mm)