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Car Roof Telescopic Mast High Bright Telescopic Light Tower


Product Detail


1. Roof-Mounted Fold-Down Telescoping Mast was designed to meet the elevation requirements of smaller payloads sunch as mobile video surveillance ptz camera, Antenna and LED Lights.

2. The roof-mounted self-contained can easily be integrated into nearly any vehicle,including traditional broadcast vans and front-wheel drive vehicles.

3. Self-contained elevation system, built in air compressor, dont need generator. 

4. Wide payload capacity and height options. 1.2m, 1.8m,2.5m, 3.5m are available.

5. DC12V or DC24V power supply which is suitable for kinds of vehicle.

6. High intensity aluminum alloy material, Corrosion protection and rust prevention. 

7. Waterproof grade up to IP66.

8. Wired Control and wireless remote control, RS485 control protocol ,smart dual control, very convenient to operate.


Advantages of vehicle mounted telescopic Light Tower

1. Super convenient. RS485 control and wireless remote control not only the mast up and down, but also mounted lights rotation, on and off. You can control everything in the vehicle or out of the vehicle. 

2. Wide range application.  Perfect for police car, fire truck, embulance, military vehicle mounted which need mobile video surveillance or mobile lighting for rescue.

3. Stable and safety.  Made of high strength aluminum alloy which is very stable, it can work under the 8 degree wind, very safety to use the roof mounted telescopic mast.

4. Customized available. The mast height ,payload and function could be customized according to your need

Applications of telescopic light mast

1. Applied to police car, ambulance, urban management car and other vehicle roof.

2. Mounted the HD PTZ camera, lights for forensics system.

3. Applied to highway patrol rescue system and fire emergency rescue system.

4. Applied to mobile commanding system and operating commanding system etc.

5. Applied to military operation system.

6. Applied to fire truck for emergency rescue system.


Technical data



Working principle

Worm and gear swooping back mast

Extended height

1 meter

Light Mast weight


Pan rang


Top payload


Operation platform

Arc movement

Horizontal and vertical rotate speed


Ability of resisting wind


Control way

Wired & wireless remote control

Control protocol

RS485, Pelco-D/P protocol


Aluminum alloy

Protection grade

IP66 waterproof

LED light power


Luminous flux



360 degree horizontal rotation

Power supply