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Pneumatic Telescopic Mast Description


Pneumatic Telescopic Mast Description


Product description:

1. Our pneumatic telescopic mast mast lifter is also a rack height equipment carrier, suitable for car, ship and land. It can elevate communications antenna, illumination, lightning shielding, optical transmission and camera equipment to a predetermined height quickly, reliably and securely. After the work is completed, it is also able to reduce the above-mentioned equipment to a predetermined height quickly, reliably and safely. Our company's pneumatic telescopic mast lifter is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, with the advantage of corrosion-resistant, light weight, large load, low noise, fast lift, small shock resistance, stable and so on. It could meet different areas, different occasions on the height and load requirements, in addition, it is also widely used in golf, large football night lighting, etc.

2. Ground fixation: tripod can be used to fix the telescopic mast on the ground. Select according to customer requirement.We have two types of tripods to choose from.

Application site:

1). Inside car installation

2). Outdoor for car installation

3). On ground with tripod installation.

Working principle:

The system uses pneumatic handspike theory.it can use RS485 to control lifter .Its good self-locking performance achieving reliable ,self-locking in any position improves the safety of reliability.