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Shenzhen OKAF Manual Lifting Mast is dedicated to the US radio system


The manual lifting mast is an elevated equipment carrier for onboard, onboard or land. It can quickly, reliably and safely raise communication antennas, lighting, lightning protection, optical transmission and imaging equipment to a predetermined height. After the work is completed, the above equipment can also be lowered to a predetermined height quickly, reliably and safely.

The company's manual lifting mast products are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is corrosion-resistant, light in weight, large in load, low in noise, fast in lifting, small in shock resistance and stable. It can meet the needs of height and load in different fields and different occasions. In addition, our products are widely used in golf, night lighting of large football fields.


The working principle of our lifting mast is screw drive or wire rope transmission. It has good self-locking performance and can realize reliable self-locking at any position, which improves safety and reliability.


Lifting mast installation instructions:

1. Vertical use: The lifting rod can be installed on the ground or mounted on the vehicle. Regardless of where it is installed, ensure that the lifter is perpendicular to the floor when in use. If the lifting rod is tilted, it will affect the lifting and lowering effect of the lifting rod; if the lifting rod is seriously inclined, the lifting rod will be damaged and dangerous.

2. The cable is fixed: the lifting rod needs to be installed on a fixed object, and it can't be shaken, such as wall, car body, foundation pile, etc. There must be at least two mounting points, one of which is in the lifting rod body, and the distance between the two points is greater than 2/3 of the height of the lifting rod. The connection should be firm and reliable.