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Vehicle monitor forensics system help a prison with the escort car in Henan


OKAF has designed three parts Wireless Monitoring and Management System for prison escort car.

 GPS+4G vehicle surveillance system. The system can track and record the whole process of escorting detainees to courts/procuratorates or designated hospitals. When the designated escort vehicle starts, the following command vehicle immediately transmits the video image of the scene to the monitoring center. The sound and light prompt signal is displayed on the screen of the monitoring command center.The command vehicle and the command center have two-way voice intercom function. The electronic map can display information such as the specific location, longitude and latitude of the vehicle. The system enables the leaders at all levels who are in charge of the command to synchronize the situation of controlling the escort at any time and anywhere through the mobile device such as the command center screen or laptop computer, so as to facilitate the unified dispatch of the command and timely issue instructions. It can effectively solve the problem of insufficient police force and improve the ability to respond to all kinds of emergencies. The system can centrally store and manage the video data of hundreds of police cars, providing a strong evidence for analyzing and dealing with problems in the future.

 RFID personnel monitoring system. When the prison detainees go out to seek medical treatment, trial, transfer, etc., in addition to the positioning management of the vehicles, they can also monitor the internal detainees and the escorts. The monitoring center can keep abreast of the situation of vehicles and vehicles in the escort. Each command vehicle configuration automotive 3g car locator, used for real-time monitoring under the car position, field condition at the same time will be uploaded to the monitoring center, in-car ZigBee card reader, escort prison and detainees wear identity CARDS, authorized personnel information system prefabricated out time information, personnel information, card readers receive information through the wireless network transmission to the personnel management system. When the personnel leave the vehicle on the way, the system sends out an alarm message, and the prison monitoring center can obtain the information in time. When the vehicle exits the prison gate system, it is automatically set to the monitoring state. After the security arrives, the system automatically turns into the idle state.



Prison escort car GPS + 4G / 5G + RFID wireless monitoring management system is a modern vehicle real-time monitoring, intelligent dispatching management, emergency command for an integrated system, the real-time dynamic monitoring system is mainly composed of vehicle scheduling, historical trajectory playback, vehicle guards and escorts, detainees data management, vehicle traveling data analysis, such as user authority management module. The wireless monitoring vehicle dynamic management command system combined with GPS/GPRS/RFID is a highly integrated and comprehensive advanced electronic system engineering using a series of technologies such as global satellite positioning, public mobile communication, computer network, information database and geographic information. The main host of the monitoring command center sends control commands and receives various data from vehicles through 3G network, GPS/GPRS controller (or data line connected to the service center of local GPRS network operator). The management software of the monitoring command center is a development platform, running under WINDOWS environment, so it has the characteristics of stable and reliable operation, complete function, friendly interface and convenient operation.


System composition

Prison escort GPS+3G+RFID wireless monitoring and management system is suitable for monitoring and management of mobile targets. It not only has functions of positioning, two-way communication, monitoring, image capture, historical track recording, etc., but also has video storage and playback functions.

This system mainly consists of four parts: front-end equipment, central service system, GPS map client and RFID radio frequency identification.

Front-end equipment

It is mainly composed of GPS terminal, camera, video recorder, RFID radio frequency card, GPRS base station and other devices. The front-end GPS device is responsible for obtaining satellite positioning information and collecting image data signals and forwarding them to the network under the control of the central server. The front-end RFID radio frequency card forwards data to the network through GPRS base station.

Central service system

The whole center service system is composed of medium and high-end servers and fixed IP address of external network. It is responsible for the installation of central server software and GPS server software. According to the actual installation amount of the whole prison escort vehicle GPS+GPRS+RFID wireless monitoring and management system, the number of servers can be expanded.

The central server is the core part of the whole prison escort vehicle GPS+GPRS+RFID wireless monitoring and management system, which is responsible for the transfer, processing and reception of GPS information and image information forwarding and centralized storage.

GPS vehicle intelligent management client

Click on the shortcut to run the desktop vehicle intelligent management system, the following interface will appear.

The list of equipment lists all GPS vehicle basic information of the system, the vehicle is not online: display gray; Vehicle online, if stop: show blue, movement: show green. Select the vehicle, right click to achieve vehicle control and modify the vehicle number, add SIM card number information.

Main functions of the monitoring center

Real-time information query

The satellite positioning function, combined with the electronic map of the central server, enables the monitoring center to know the location of the area the escort vehicle is passing through at any time and display longitude, latitude, driving speed, driving direction, driving route, vehicle status, alarm information, etc.

Emergency alarm and two-way voice intercom function

When the vehicle is in emergency, the escorted prison guard can send alarm data to the monitoring and command center through the on-board terminal, which will immediately display the position of the vehicle and prompt with sound and light, and automatically pop up the picture of the alarming vehicle. At the same time, the monitoring command center can conduct two-way language intercom with the car to timely understand the site situation, issue instructions, and monitor.

Capture video function

Using the 3G network to dynamically display the internal and external scene images of the vehicle in the command center on the large screen wall, and to view the real-time image information of any vehicle at any time according to the needs of the management tasks.

Historical track display query system

The historical route of the escort vehicle can be inquired on the electronic map of the command center so that the monitoring center can control the track of the escort vehicle at any time.

The track list will list the searched items. Double-click on one of them, and the vehicle can automatically scale to the position suitable for the whole track display when locating to the center of the map. At this point, the track can be played back dynamically and the playback speed can be adjusted. When playing back, the map will automatically follow the changes of vehicle position.

GPS map

GPS map is a new carrier of geographic information with the development of computer technology. GPS maps have the functions of display, transmission and analysis. GPS maps can provide better presentation methods than traditional maps, such as zooming in, zooming out, roaming and searching, etc. Zooming in can show various cities, towns, villages and roads in the country.

RFID radio frequency identification system

For the management of detainees in prisons, we can use advanced RFID radio frequency identification technology to divide the prison into several areas and then build a radio base station in each area.Then install radio frequency card readers in public areas such as prison perimeter walls, buildings, access control points, activity places inside prisons, prison labor places, prison escort vehicles, patrol stations, etc. Finally, all prison staff and detainees are issued with a unique radio frequency identification card or electronic wrist band radio frequency card. The radio frequency card of the staff is active to upload data, while the passive one needs to enter the range of the radio frequency card reader and upload data information after being activated.The data read by the rf card reader is transmitted to the personnel positioning system through ZigBee wireless network, and the specific location of relevant personnel is identified and analyzed.