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OKAF Glare Lights Vehicle PTZ Camera Assistance Protection for National Day Celebration in a City


In 3 Sep 2019, Police station of Chongqing public security bureau has joined the patrol control teams of armed police, special police and railway public security to attend” Fulfill new mission, Loyal protect National Day” 70th anniversary National Day security video oath meeting in Chongqing station west square. Under the strong leadership of the superior department,The” four polices” work together will strengthen the overall prevention and control of Taiyuan South Station,strengthen the management and control of key personnel and resolutely do a good job in combating terrorism, maintaining stability and responding to emergencies. For sensitive events, timely, efficient and prudent handling, with the highest standards, the most stringent requirements, to ensure the 70th anniversary of the national celebration period taiyuan south station absolute safety and stability. 

OKAF Glare Lights Vehicle PTZ Camera Assistance Protection for National Day Celebration in a City(图1)

A police vehicle which has been installed OKAF Vehicle PTZ Camera debut in the national celebration. Shenzhen OKAF had specially researched and developed a new ptz camera that integrated with the glare lights, photograph, Red and blue pulsed light suppression, One-click real-time alarm, Trajectory tracking/playback etc functions. Supporting special equipment management background shall be provided. Real-time image/video can be transmitted back to the background through WIFI/4G network. And can achieve high-precision positioning in the background through Beidou/GPS, etc.Can real-time one key emergency help, send the current position information to the background and send the alarm signal to the background.It is convenient for the staff to use the inspection and collection of evidence or record of inspection and for the management staff to manage and supervise the routine work of inspection track.


OKAF Glare Lights Vehicle PTZ Camera Assistance Protection for National Day Celebration in a City(图2)


1. Camera/photo function: Support the highest 1080P ultra hd camera, 8 megapixels fixed focus photography, shooting pictures can be filled with position information; Realize real-time image/video return through supporting special equipment monitoring management platform.

2. Positioning, track tracking/playback functions: It supports high-precision positioning such as beidou /GPS, and records the position of the equipment in real time and transmits it back to the monitoring management platform of the special equipment to form the inspection track. In the monitoring platform of the special equipment, it can query the historical track of the equipment through the special number of the equipment.

3. One key real-time alarm function: Press the alarm button to send alarm information and location information to the dedicated equipment monitoring and management platform. When the alarm is alarmed, it can be photographed and saved at the same time. After the alarm is completed, upload the photo and open the real-time upload camera video. After receiving the alarm information on the dedicated device management platform, the interface display device Information, personnel information, alarm time, specific location, etc.

4. Lighting function: The device must be equipped with white light and long distance strong light at night or under low light environment.

5. Light storm suppression function: Light suppression mode can be turned on with one key. When turned on, visual dizziness and inability to see normally can be caused.

6. Software function: It must provide a dedicated equipment monitoring and management platform for visual and real-time monitoring. The platform can realize satellite positioning, full Netcom wireless, video images, real-time positioning of device trajectory, trajectory tracking/playback and other functions; it can monitor the equipment users on the map and appear In the case of alarm, the visual display device number, registration unit, registrant name, registrant phone number, alarm time, administrative city area, alarm point latitude and longitude, specific address, alarm information, etc.


OKAF Glare Lights Vehicle PTZ Camera Assistance Protection for National Day Celebration in a City(图3)